The Best 5 Spots if You Want a Burger and Beer in Pawleys Island

Bet you didn’t know there was a beer and burgers boom in the Litchfield area, did you?

Well, where there are good folks and good times, there’s bound to be good burgers and beer. This area has that. A cold brew and a stellar sandwich are in order for your fall getaway.

It’s a killer combination.

These Places Surpass Expectations for Burgers and Beers

A burger and shake are nice together. But sometimes, you just need a brew to make things go right.

1. Island Bar and Grill

The menu reads like a fleet of old familiars prepared with skill. Add to that excellent service. A relaxed atmosphere makes dining fun. The bill at the end is easy on the eyes, too.

PRO TIP: Order the Burger Black and Blue. It’s Cajun-seasoned with blue cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onion with hand-cut fries. Ask for a Victory Golden Monkey to go along with.

[10744 Ocean Highway | (843) 235-3399]

Did you know?

Seymour, Wisc., is home to the Hamburger Hall of Fame. And Barack Obama was the first U.S. president to brew a beer in the White House.

2. Quigley’s Pint and Plate

The prize for visiting Quigley’s: In-house brew in a bit of a highbrow pub experience. Belt out karaoke and let your skills shine in trivia. Locals love it, and we’ll bet you’ll wind up there more than once during your stay.

PRO TIP: Get the Veggie Burger (yes, Veggie Burger.) It’s elevated, with black-eyed peas, mushrooms, wild rice, and more. Pair it with a bottle of Angry Orchard. 

Did you know?

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers make up 71% of beef American commercial hotels serve. And the name “beer” comes from the German word “bier,’ which means ‘to drink.’

3. Pawleys Island Tavern

One step inside this joint and you’ll know you came to the right place. It’s said you’ll find the best live music and Pimento cheese around in this obscure treasure of a tavern. A stop at the PIT is always A-OK.

PRO TIP: Take on the Open PIT Burger. Barbecue sauce brings the zing to a classic burger with cheddar, bacon, and onion rings under the bun. With a New South on draft, you’re in paradise.

Did you know?

If you lined up all burgers Americans ate each year in a straight line, it would circle the earth at least 32 times. The Sumerians likely made the first beer in 4,000 BCE, in Mesopotamia.

4. BisQit

If this establishment is new to you, it’s likely to become a favorite. Stop in for a wonderful brunch sometime in a pretty location. The menu is full of flavorful selections. BisQut is famous for its coffee, cocktails, biscuits, and more.

PRO TIP: The House Burger is stout. It’s a certified Angus beef burger, with a root-beer braised pork belly. Plus, horseradish cheddar, and bearnaise aioli. Order a beer from the fresh rotation on the board that’s evolving.

Did you know?

Sonya Thomas set a world record by eating a 9-pound burger in 27 minutes. And Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale & Porter is the oldest beer still available today. 1829. Yuengling Brewing first made it in 1829.

5. Teakwoods Bar vs Grill

Teakwoods can shatter your preconceived notions about the best beer and burger. An amazing place for lunch, this crew gets Philly cheesesteak and onion rings down pat. You’ll love the decor and space. Tell your friends.

PRO TIP: The Classic Cheese is sure to please. This thing is monstrous. Ask them to add bacon for a great touch. Have it with a bottle of Bud.

Did you know?

“Hamburger Charlie” smashed a meatball between bread slices to make the first burger. He said he did it to allow customers to walk around while they ate. And the Czech Republic drinks the most beer per capita globally. Czechs gulp 181.7 liters of beer per person. They’ve been No. 1 for 30 consecutive years!


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