Places That Get High Praise for Watching Sunrises

Do you hope to someday see the sun rise over Pawleys?

Your next trip, make it happen. Each beach sunrise is unique, and it’s so worth the early wake-up time! The Litchfield area happens to be a haven for gorgeous scenery, to begin with.

Here’s how to make the most of the experience.

Where to Watch the Sunrise

Don’t ignore the solitude that comes with an early morning in Liotchfield. After you’ve seen the spectacle, you have more of your day ahead of you.

1. Magnolia Beach

For an audience of one or the whole family, sunrise here will bring all else to an awe-inspired rest. You’ll have lots of vantage points.

  • BRING COFFEE. Is there a more suitable manner to begin the day than with java and the rising sun? Extra points for Instagram posts with the mug and sunrise in it.
  • CHECK THE SUNRISE TIME. Visit this website for the sunrise time for the day you’re going. Plan on being there 20 minutes early to catch the colors.
  • HEAD TO EGGS UP GRILL. After a romantic sunrise, why not eggs, sunny side up? Or try a stack of buttermilk pancakes at Eggs Up Grill.



2. Your Balcony

You could spend infinite time there anyway with the view! Combine the vantage point from your suite with the comfort of being in your room.

  • BRING BREAKFAST. Oatmeal, coffee, cereal. Something that doesn’t need attention, so you don’t overlook the view.
  • DON’T WORRY. Let go of anxiety about your job when you return home or even on your holiday. Observing the sunrise reminds us that anything is achievable today.

  • GET WET. Put swimsuits on and run to Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort’s water features. The calm morning is the best time to go.

3. The Pier at Garden City

Ready to graduate to more stunning settings? Take in a sunrise out on the water. Come back later for an Italian Ice and a nice walk.

  • BRING YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Sunsets gain all the glory for being romantic. But sunrise renders all sorts of sentiments, too.
  • WATCH THE HORIZON. Right as the sun peeks over it. The sky will switch from blood red to orange to pink and purple.
  • PLAY MINI-GOLF AFTERWARD. Give Gilligan’s Island Funland a shot! It is open at 9 a.m. all week. Who will be the champion?

4. Litchfield Beach

You’ll have abundant space in beautiful Litchfield. Claim a splendid spot on the beach, throw down a beach blanket and watch the show.

  • BRING A THERMOS OF COFFEE AND BREAKFAST SANDWICHES: Fresh fruit and yogurt, too. Eating breakfast right at sunrise makes for great memories.
  • LISTEN. You’ll hear the daytime develop, with birdsong and gulls. All with the sounds of ocean waves crashing in.
  • RENT BEACH CHAIRS. They’re available at the resort. Order a pair of chairs and an umbrella through an app and enjoy.

5. Huntington Beach State Park

Watching the sunrise at such an incredible place will pay immediate dividends. Everything at Huntington Beach State Park is stunning.

  • BRING YOUR CAMERA. Your phone will do, too. You’ll want to capture photos of sunrise you might want to print and have framed.
  • USE YOUR SENSE OF FEELING. You’ll notice the air is warmer, and the world will come alive around you in sights and sounds.
  • TOUR ATALAYA. Take in a bit of manmade magnificence next. This historic site is like nothing else on earth. Take your time there.
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Make Litchfield Beach and Golf Your Nest in Paradise

Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort is an exemplary experience. So many folks come every year — and guess where they’re coming this fall? Yep. Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort!

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