Fashionable Places the Locals Love in Litchfield

Litchfield can be a welcome contrast to busier spots on the coast.

But don’t let it fool you — there’s plenty of fun and adventure in this part of the Carolina coast, too. And who better to tell you what’s what than locals. (It must be awesome to live here, right?)

Here are places those lucky enough to call this place home love.

Tips on Living Like a Local When You’re on Vacation

There are ways to deal with everyday life here — even if life here is a week’s vacation or weekend getaway.

  1. Shop the local grocery store

You’ll get a sense of what’s on the dinner table around here. You’re likely to see brands you don’t have back home. Pick ingredients for a good locally-inspired meal to make back at the resort!

  1. Find ways to connect

Make a friend or two the same way you would back home — by striking up conversations. Ask about the four Fs: Faith, family, food, and fun.

  1. Remember that it isn’t easy

Especially if it’s a weekend getaway, it’s tough to get it all down. A good balance of your own likes and preferences, with input from locals, can make for a great getaway.

Stylish Spots in Litchfield the Locals Frequent

They’re social places. Style? Well, that’s in the eye of the beholder.

WHERE TO SHOP: The Shops at Litchfield Market Village

It has an excellent grocery store, nice dining choices, and more.  

WHERE IS IT? 115 Willbrook Boulevard, North Litchfield

WHY THEY LOVE IT: The bakery is popular for huge breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The donuts are also superb. There’s a lot of variety in shops, from the convenient ones to the extra. 

RECOMMENDED: Make a day of it. Start with coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Get your nails done at Lovely Nails, shop at Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx, and grab lunch at Deroma’s Pizza.

WHERE TO EAT: Litchfield Restaurant

It’s a down-home favorite, with breakfast and lunch selections to prove it.

WHERE IS IT? 2223 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island |  (843) 237-4414

WHY THEY LOVE IT: Nice staff (efficient!) and pleasing food, at fair prices. Many call it the best breakfast in town. It’s not uncommon to see the owner visiting guests for check-ins and conversation.

RECOMMENDED: The breakfast tacos are unlike any other. They dip the tortillas in French toast batter and grill them! Then fill them with eggs or bacon, and drizzle them with maple syrup.


FOR LIVE MUSIC: Island Bar and Grill Pawleys Island

It has it all: Burgers, seafood, tropical cocktails, music, and billiards.

WHERE IS IT? 10744 Ocean Highway | (843) 235-3399

WHY THEY LOVE IT: It’s a cool spot, with a great vibe, inside and out. The musical acts are local, and they play in a chill, intimate atmosphere out on the porch. The drinks are awesome and families are definitely welcome.

RECOMMENDED: Check out the events calendar for fun stuff to do. As for the menu: You can’t go wrong with the Ahi Tuna Tacos, Burger Black and Blue, or Grouper Wrap.

Summerhouse pool & play plaza

For a Clean, Cool Place to Stay, Choose Litchfield Beach and Golf

Find fantastic views, pools, and nearby fishing ponds at Litchfield Beach and Golf. You can also peruse local farmers markets in the area while you’re here. Choose your room type and dates to book your escape today.


Litchfield Farmers Market