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Hello my name is Ron Daise; I am Vice President for Creative Education at Brookgreen Gardens, welcome. Brookgreen Gardens was established in 1931. It was established on four former rice plantations, and because of that, Gula Heritage is on these grounds. What is Gula? It is a culture, language and also it is a group of people. Another word used for Gula is Geechee. Gula Geechee people are descendants of West Africa. They are Primarily West Africans, who are brought to the Carolina, and Georgia colonies of the 1700s. The Gula Geechee heritage cloudier, which was established by federal legislation in 2006, spans from Wilmington, NC to down throughout South Carolina, Georgia, all the way to St. Augustine, Florida, right along the coast. It was here, on the four plantations of Brookgreen Gardens, and also the 45,000 rice fields of Georgetown County where about half of this countries rice during the 1700s was grown right here in Georgetown County. All because of not only the labor, but also the technological skills of the enslaved Africans who were brought from rice producing countries of West Africa. Brookgreen Gardens offers several daily interpretive programs to inform visitors of the importance of this culture. Students engage in one of the history programs while walking along the low country trail, seeing the interpretive panels and imagining what their lives would be if they were one of the children of the sculptured figures: the plantation owner, the overseer, the enslaved African female or male. The low country trail is about a quarter mile in length, and the public visitors can also walk along the trail and listen to an audio tour. The program gives a fictionalized story about each character along the trail, and their point of view about life and death. So come to Brookgreen, walk through history; learn through the daily programs about Gula history and heritage.
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