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Pawleys Island and Litchfield, A to Z

Litchfield Beach   |   11 May 2016

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Twenty-six ways, to be exact, for which we can’t get enough of Pawleys Island and Litchfield. Join us on an alphabetized adventure through our Low Country love.

A: Atalaya Castle is the impressive summer residence of the locally renowned Hamilton couple. The $2 admission (on top of the $5 adult admission to the state park)  is well worth it -- the courtyard full of palms is especially striking.
B: Across the street is the famous and striking Brookgreen Gardens, an impressive expanse of flora and statuary (and a super-cool zoo) that is both a taste of history and natural beauty. 

C: Low Country cuisine -- think shrimp and grits -- is what brings people back here again and again. One part tradition and one part invention, it's our calling card.

D: Now here's something the landlocked folks can't often do -- diving, as in scuba. Express (that's an E, folks!) Watersports 
in nearby Murrells Inlet will give you an underwater adventure you'll never forget,
E: (see above)
F: The Festival of Music and Art is our biggest to-do of the year. You'll want to visit every day it's on. 

G: Golf, of course, golf. Don't travel far, y'all. We have the best right here. 

H: Shop till you drop — into a hammock – at Hammock Shops Village. Great stores in a beautiful setting will eat up an afternoon. 

I: This part of town is known for the inlet upon which these communities were built. Sit alongside it and soak up its beauty.
J: Ok, this is a cool one. Want to know the best way to explore our beautiful waterways? How about by jet ski? Rent one in nearby Murrells Inlet and get as close to the water as you can without actually being in it. 

K: You think you've had delicious pies before? Try those from Kudzu Bakery rethink what you knew.

L: Why, what else is this for? Litchfield Beach and Golf, of course, the best place to stay down here. 

M: Have you 'accidentally' forgotten to pack all your cute clothes? Head to adorable boutique Millie’s and treat yourself.

N: Nearby in Murrells Inlet, there's an unassuming spot called Nance's Creekfront Restaurant. Inside you'll find the best freshly shucked raw, boiled and fried oysters in this part of town. They have their own oyster bed, so we're talking about the freshest of the fresh. 
O: It's why you're here! The ocean! Well, the oysters, too (see above).

P: Ask most Yankees what they think of boiled peanuts and expect a grimace. Ask any self-respecting South Carolinian and you'll see a swoon. Stop at any number of roadside stands for a bag and judge for yourself. Love 'em or loathe 'em?

Q: Everyone loves a little excitement now and again, but then a little quiet is great too. That's the appeal of Pawleys.
R: Pawleys Island area has some of the best restaurants on the Grand Strand. Take your pick. You will not be disappointed. 

S: Spanish, as in mission, the style of Atalaya, and as in moss, that eerily beautiful stuff draping all those live oaks.

T: Tennis anyone? Enjoy a private lesson at Litchfield Racquet Club and return home with a killer backhand.  

U: Walk along the Huntington Beach State Park causeway and watch the pelicans dive underwater for food. Seriously, you can spend hours doing this.

V: Ok, please forgive us on this one. But it's very nice to visit here. Ugh, we know, right? Sorry.

W: Thank Waccamaw Trailblazers for spearheading great biking and running initiatives throughout the area. Find great places to run and bike through them. 

X: Give us another pass on this one. It is x-tremely beautiful here. Eh? Eh? Sorry. We won't do that again.

Y: Enjoy a taste of the good life on a yacht charter. Or, just 'window shop' and watch them glide down the inlet. 

Z: That's it! You did it! Now head to bed and catch some Zzzzz's.
So, folks, what did we forget? What's best thing to do in Pawleys and Litchfield? Bonus points if it begins with a V or an X...


(Posted: 12/1/14)

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