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Legends Theatre - Cher

Enjoy Chere at Legends in Concert in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Kelly Smith 

I was a fan of Cher in the 70's and I can't believe my parents let me watch the show because she was normally scantily clad, so that is how it started.  By time I was in high school they new I could do the voice, so we would be on the volleyball bus everyone was like do Cher, but I was too shy, so I would  always have to turn around so I would do this ….

Anyway, it was very strange but I would listen to her albums and watch her on TV.I used to perform in the long straight hair because it was my favorite hair, but for stage this hair works better.  I think that is what is probably most memorable with the battleship outfit.  That is the thing, one of my favorite outfits.  One of my favorite songs to perform is not a big hit but also one of her favorites is called the Way of Love.  It is a ballad and I really enjoy that song. 

I do like the Soni and Cher bit, because that really brings them back and someone gets to be a part of it from the crowd and I think anytime you involve the crowd they feel more a part of what you are doing and that is my favorite part of the show.  

Please everyone come out and see the show where we are having a great time and I would love to see you in the audience and get to visit with you before and after the show and we would love to see you here.


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